Soil Moisture Sensor

SM 2
Tensiometer sensor accurately measures soil moisture continuously, providing farmers with a reliable and economical way to measure soil moisture for irrigation planning.

Inexpensive, made in stainless steel and practically maintenance-free, the SM 2 sensor continuously transmits soil measurement directly to the Gaspar Connect application without a wire or SIM card and up to a distance of 10km.


  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Available Cable Length : 5′ or 15′
  • Range : 0-200 cb (kPa)
  • Long range transmission : 0 to 10km*
  • Battery life : 2 months to 2 years*

* The battery life may vary depending on the data transmission interval. Ex: ~ 2 months with transmission frequency to 10 minutes 24/7, without solar panel. The distance may vary depending on the position of the antenna and other factors..

Compatible with the Gaspar Connect automated monitoring and control system
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