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Precision Agriculture

Essential solutions that present an overview of the state of your land and equipment in real time

Soil moisture

A reliable solution determine the moisture content of your soils in real time in order to make you proactive before problems arise.

Smart Greenhouse Controls

For greenhouses or lakes, we automate valves, pumps and electrical equipment or motors. Depending on soil moisture data, a valve can be activated / deactivated for a desired duration.

Meteorological observations

Be accurately informed of real-time conditions and weather forecasts in your fields.

Refrigeration monitoring

Peace of mind with our cold storage monitoring solutions that monitor temperature, relative humidity and CO2. Ideal for storage or transportation units.

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    Soil moisture

    Reliable solution for continuous and real-time measurement of soil moisture from your Gaspar Monitoring account
    Characteristics / Advantages
    • Data Visualization, Notification Alerts, Automated Irrigation Schedule
    • Long distance transmission (up to 10 km *)
    • Low energy consumption (2 years *)
    • Better control of irrigation management
    • Improving crop quality
    • Saving working time and employee wages

    Irrigation control equipment

    From the pond to your greenhouse, regardless of the number of valves and their location, keep an overview and know the state of each. Coupled with soil moisture sensors or a meteorological station, create your own rules to determine the time and desired quantity of water.
    Characteristics / Advantages
    • Programming of different irrigation schedules
    • Simple and autonomous installation of energy
    • Presentation on a graphic card of the state of your equipment
    • Increases irrigation accuracy and reduces water consumption
    • Economy of the workforce

    Meteorological conditions

    Stay informed of temperature changes in your fields. Working in conjunction with other Gaspar sensors, meteorological station data can be used to activate an automated action or a notification in case of a weather alert. Personalized installation according to the type of need.
    Characteristics / Advantages
    • Installation “onsite” directly in your fields
    • Viewing data in real time
    • Low energy consumption (approx. 6 years autonomy)
    • Instant notification in case of dangerous conditions and forecasts
    • Data history up to 5 years

    Refrigeration monitoring and control

    Our cold storage monitoring solutions are able to monitor temperature, relative humidity, CO2, LPG, i-butane, propane, methane, alcohol, hydrogen, presence of smoke, etc. Ideal for warehouses or transport units. Installed outside with sensors or inside the refrigerator, we provide an accurate reading.
    Characteristics / Advantages
    • Real-time surveillance of your vegetable and fruit crops to avoid any problems
    • Used for stationary and transport units
    • Data transmission on your Gaspar surveillance board
    • Notifications and alerts