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Contrary to popular belief, automating irrigation is much more than installing a timer. It is a 100% autonomous system that takes into consideration a multitude of factors to make decisions for you to reduce your mental load.

Our 6-step approach to improving your yields through irrigation

Step 1: Assess irrigation monitoring needs

This step consists of carrying out an analysis of the type of soil, the crops to be monitored, the cultivable area to be monitored and to check your knowledge in relation to the field of irrigation. In this step, you are offered the right tools for your irrigation needs.

Step 2: Irrigation follow-up

This step consists in monitoring in real time the evolution of the water needs and conditions of your crops. Familiarize yourself with the equipment and are able to understand the behavior of your crops for their water needs.

Step 3: Primary irrigation planning and improvement (manual method)

Depending on the information collected from the crops and certain factors, you will be able to understand the behavior of your irrigations. With the help of the agronomic advisor, you will determine the necessary irrigation times for your crops.

Step 4: Analyze primary irrigation improvements

Following the irrigation recommendations of the agronomic advisor, it is time to observe the health of your crops in reality to make sure that the crops are not under water stress, that the water is sufficient and that the recommendations are good.

Step 5: Automation of irrigation

Now that the irrigation improvement models are validated, it is possible to automate irrigations or at least work with Stella de Gaspar precision irrigation controllers. A precision irrigation controller makes sure to maintain the water conditions of your crops in an optimal growth environment to avoid water stress situations. It also reduces the risk of human error.

Step 6: Irrigation Forecast/Prediction

Using artificial intelligence, weather forecasts and your collected data, AI works for you to support you in decision making for irrigating your crops. The AI works in conjunction with the Precision Irrigation Controller to predict the amounts of water your crops will need to use 7 days in advance. The AI will make recommendations for improvement by analyzing the evolution of your past irrigations.

Case study:

Organic Soilless Raspberry Irrigation

“For 4 years, we have made great strides in optimizing our crops thanks to Gaspar”

Jean-Julien Plante, Ferme Jean-Pierre Plante

Irrigation de la framboise hors-sol biologique par Gaspar

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Strawberry irrigation monitoring in the field

Contrôle à distance de l’irrigation en champ pour la culture des fraises de Gaspar

Automated raspberry irrigation

Irrigation de précision pour des substrats de qualité supérieure avec Gaspar
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