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uFields - Système de gestion pour les producteurs propulsé par Gaspar
A system that facilitates management

Easy management of worker timesheets

uFields offers many benefits with its advanced timesheet management system for agricultural farm workers. It allows employers to better track their employees’ work time, making payroll management and budgeting easier. Workers can have a clear view of their hours worked and their wages, which fosters a relationship of trust with their employer. Finally, such a system helps to avoid errors and conflicts in payroll, which is beneficial for all stakeholders.

Live crop monitoring

uFields helps track harvest progress in real time, plan harvesting activities more efficiently, forecast labor and equipment needs, and optimize inventory management. In addition, such a system allows the collection of accurate data on yields and worker performance, which can help producers improve their productivity and profitability. Finally, it ensures the traceability of products, which is increasingly important for consumers concerned about the origin and quality of the food they buy.

uFields - Système de gestion pour les producteurs propulsé par Gaspar
uFields - Système de gestion pour les producteurs propulsé par Gaspar

Operations planning

uFields has the advantage of being an excellent management system for phytosanitary operations in agriculture. It allows farmers to better track and control the use of pesticides and fertilizers, reducing risks to the environment and human health. In addition, such a system helps ensure regulatory compliance in the use of CanadaGAP crop protection products. Finally, it makes it possible to optimize the effectiveness of treatments and reduce costs, in particular by avoiding useless or poorly targeted treatments. A phytosanitary operations management system is therefore an essential tool for farmers concerned about the sustainability of their production.

Traceability of processed products

New for the 2023 season, uFields introduces a new mobile app that now incorporates crop traceability functionality, allowing growers to track each provenance of the product to access detailed information on its origin, cultivation and transport, ensuring complete transparency throughout. the supply chain.

uFields - Système de gestion pour les producteurs propulsé par Gaspar
Reliable and proven solutions

Suitable for farmers

Since its launch in 2018, uFields has positioned itself as one of the most suitable systems for Canadian berry and vegetable growers. Every year thousands of users use the various uFields mobile and web applications to effectively manage different aspects of the farm.

5 benefits of using uFields on your farm

  • Better operational efficiency : Thanks to precise and real-time monitoring of agricultural operations, the producer can optimize his practices and processes to improve his productivity and profitability.

  • Better traceability : Traceability software makes it possible to follow the path of agricultural products from their production to their marketing, thus guaranteeing their quality and safety for consumers.

  • Better regulatory compliance : By following regulations and standards for traceability, phytosanitary operations management, and timesheet tracking, the grower can avoid regulatory penalties and public health risks.

  • Better cost tracking : Thanks to the follow-up of timesheets and operations, the producer can follow his costs of labour, equipment and phytosanitary products, which allows him to optimize his expenses and his budget management.

  • Better decision making : By having access to accurate data on their farming operations, the producer can make more informed and strategic decisions to improve their business and their profitability.

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