Gabriel Gosselin - Ferme François Gosselin Île d'Orléans

The automation of irrigation allows us to free up labor time and keep an eye on the state of the crop.
Gabriel Gosselin, Ferme François Gosselin

Josianne Girard - Ferme Maurice et Philippe Vaillancourt Île d'Orléans

Irrigation is less stressful, the plant is known to get the right amount of water and less fruit deformation.
Josianne Girard, Ferme Maurice et Philippe Vaillancourt

Jean-Julien Plante - Ferme Jean-Pierre Plante Île d'Orléans

We have been working with Gaspar for 4 years and we have made great strides in optimizing our crops.
Jean-Julien Plante, Ferme Jean-Pierre Plante

Francis Blouin - Ferme François Blouin Île d'Orléans

We have optimized our irrigation, we have reduced time and fuel, in addition to being certain that the plant is always at its optimum.
Francis Blouin, Ferme François Blouin

Harold Beaupré - Ferme Jarold, Île d'Orléans

Gaspar’s products help us know when is the best time to irrigate and how much water to irrigate.
Harold Beaupré, Ferme Jarold

Nancy Lapointe et Normand Roy - Bleutière Lapointe

With Gaspar’s tools, we have less to worry about whether the plants have received enough water.
Nancy Lapointe et Normand Roy, Bleuetière Lapointe

Maude Leduc - Les Potagers Brie Cap

The automation of irrigation from Gaspar to bring goods made for the plants, but also for us also the farmers.
Maude Leduc, Les Potagers Brie