Precision farming increases crop yields

Gaspar Technologies offers solutions for precision farming to improve time management, reduce water and chemical use, and produce healthier crops with higher yields.
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Data collection

The various sensors installed in your fields transfer their information in real time to allow you to know the current state without moving.

Predictive decisions

The combination of sensors and the Gaspar monitoring tool improves the analysis of your crops and helps to make accurate and predictive decisions

Detailed analysis

Create new strategies based on the analysis of the collection of information from your crops from different agronomic sensors.

Improved productivity

Providing exactly the right inputs in the right quantities at the right time and in the right place helps to drastically reduce operating costs

Our solutions

From sensor monitoring to effective irrigation system control, we innovate innovatively for the benefit of clients and the environment.

Know precisely the moisture content of your soils

Manage the quality of your soil moisture, from the soil surface to your roots in real time. The data can be used to plan irrigation together with irrigation control and / or activate alerts on critical moisture levels.
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Predictive decisions based on environmental variables

Save operating costs with better control and automation of irrigation times with the artificial intelligence of our state-of-the-art irrigation controllers
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Ensure the quality of your refrigerated products

Monitor all your food storage equipment in real time and receive notifications if the temperature exceeds a safety zone.
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An open platform !

Developed under industry standards, the Gaspar platform is a solution to consider for your projects of IoT sensor information centralization or sampling search. Contact us to discuss integration with your projects or applications.
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Gaspar Technologies offers solutions for precision agriculture. From soil quality monitoring to transportation, we help farmers improve the quality of their crops and save essential resources. Please contact us for any inquiries.