Suivi de l’humidité des sols pour les bleuets en corymbe par Gaspar
Tracking Highbush Blueberry Health

Blueberry irrigation

It is important to determine the right time to irrigate blueberry fields using a soil moisture control system, in order to optimize irrigation efficiency and limit water loss. Blueberry plants have specific water requirements during their life cycle. Gaspar’s soil moisture control and automation system for drip irrigation provides precise and efficient irrigation, directly targeting plant roots.

With Gaspar it is possible to avoid yield losses caused by inadequate irrigation while minimizing irrigation costs and reducing environmental impact.

Continuous monitoring of blueberry fields conditions

By controlling temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed, highbush blueberry growers can make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, frost protection and harvesting. Gaspar’s solution relies on state-of-the-art sensors to collect real-time data, accessible online or via a mobile app for easy viewing. By leveraging this data to optimize blueberry management, growers can maximize plant growth, reduce operating costs and improve farm profitability. Our solution is an excellent resource for growers looking to increase productivity and efficiency while preserving their harvest.

Suivi de l’humidité des sols pour les bleuets en corymbe par Gaspar

Efficient, reliable, adaptable, intelligent.

8 Benefits of Soil Moisture Monitoring for Highbush Blueberries

  • Optimization of irrigation for better growth of highbush blueberry plants.
  • Reduced irrigation costs through precise water management.
  • Minimization of the environmental impact by avoiding the waste of water.
  • Protection of plants against water stress and humidity-related diseases.

  • Improved quality and quantity of fruit produced.

  • Real-time monitoring of weather conditions for informed decision-making.

What highbush blueberry growers have to say about their experience with Gaspar

Customer testimonials

Nancy Lapointe et Normand Roy - Bleutière Lapointe

With Gaspar’s tools, we have less to worry about whether the plants have received enough water.
Nancy Lapointe et Normand Roy, Bleuetière Lapointe

Maude Leduc - Les Potagers Brie Cap

The automation of irrigation from Gaspar to bring goods made for the plants, but also for us also the farmers.
Maude Leduc, Les Potagers Brie

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