Contrôle pour serre qui offre les fonctionnalités essentiels par Gaspar
Climate automation control = Time saving

A control that offers essential features

Gaspar offers an automation system of climate and irrigation in reliable and proven greenhouse. In addition to ensuring quality irrigation, this system creates and maintaining an optimal growth environment for your crops. Many producers have been using it for several years successfully.

Characteristics offered by automated control for greenhouse Stella

Remote automated greenhouse control

At the technological level, here is what our climate and irrigation automation system in greenhouse has to offer:

  • Intelligent control with different “stages” for temperature and humidity by a dynamic opening of the openings for natural ventilation.

  • Heating control and optimization

  • Ventilation control

  • Light control

  • Decreases the costs of using resources

Efficient, reliable, adaptable, intelligent.

8 advantages of climate automation and irrigation of greenhouse crops

  • Improvement of the quality of crops thanks to optimal growth conditions

  • Reduction of harvest losses due to irregular irrigation or inappropriate climate

  • Reduction in water consumption thanks to precise irrigation

  • Reduction in labor and operating costs

  • Reduction of human errors thanks to automation

  • Improvement of productivity thanks to faster growth cycles

  • Reduction in the use of pesticides and fertilizers thanks to healthy plant growth

  • Possibility of monitoring and controlling the greenhouse remotely, saving time and energy.


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