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More than an irrigation system, a yield planner

Increase yield by monitoring irrigation

If water is considered blue gold, monitoring irrigation and soil moisture in a precise and systematic way is indeed the green gold of eco-responsible and efficient producers.

  • The time to improve your irrigation techniques to improve the yield of your crops while optimizing your water consumption is at your doorstep.

  • The time to use technology in your fields to improve your yield and your peace of mind is now!

Analyze and understand the water needs of your crops

Gaspar’s precision irrigation solutions are recommended by many: advisory clubs, agronomists and specialist irrigation consultants.

Analyser et comprendre les besoins hydriques de vos cultures avec Gaspar
Reliable and proven solutions

A rapid and substantial return on your investment.

Our irrigation and soil moisture monitoring solution has been vigorously tested and proven to be highly effective, making it a worthwhile investment if you are looking to improve your efficiency and crop productivity in a of sustainable agriculture.

5 benefits of precision irrigation for growers

  • Use water in a reasoned way to optimize the irrigation of your crops.

  • Always deliver the right amount of water at the right time to your crops.

  • Irrigation is adapted according to the humidity of your soil taking into account rainfall.

  • Precision irrigation avoids crop water stress

  • Artificial intelligence makes it possible to follow the water consumption forecasts of your crops so that you have optimal irrigation.

Case study:

Irrigation of strawberries in fields

“The sinews of war is to bring water at the right time of day and in sufficient quantity.”

Gabriel Gosselin, Ferme François Gosselin

Suivi de l’humidité des sols pour la fraise des champs par Gaspar

Discover all of our expertise for precision irrigation

Strawberry irrigation monitoring in the field

Contrôle à distance de l’irrigation en champ pour la culture des fraises de Gaspar

Automated raspberry irrigation

Irrigation de précision pour des substrats de qualité supérieure avec Gaspar
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