Innovate with our environmental monitoring and control solution.

Maintain control, ensure compliance and safety.

Real-time alerts. Monitor temperature, humidity and other crucial factors and receive alerts.

Guaranteed versatility. A wide selection of sensors for multiple applications.

Security and compliance. Ensure standards compliance and employee safety.

Guarantee the integrity of your products

Optimize your food storage

Our sensors continuously monitor temperature, humidity and other factors critical to ensuring the integrity of your products. Prevent the loss of goods, meet food safety standards and optimize the quality of your products with our complete solution.

Maximize quality and efficiency

Master your production environment

Monitor real-time environmental conditions in your food processing facility. Our sensors quickly detect any variation that could affect food quality, productivity and compliance with health and safety standards.

Increase security and performance

Advanced Monitoring for Metallurgy

In the metal industry, controlling environmental conditions is crucial for worker safety and product quality. Our rugged sensors monitor temperature, particulate matter, CO2 level and other indicators to help you maintain a safe and productive work environment.

Improve productivity and safety

Environmental monitoring for manufacturing

In manufacturing plants, environmental control can help optimize productivity and ensure worker safety. Our sensors can monitor key factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2 level and the presence of particles to help identify potential problems before they become serious.

Protect your digital assets

Optimal monitoring for data centers

Temperature and humidity are critical factors in data centers and can affect both performance and equipment life. Our environmental monitoring sensors provide real-time data to help you maintain optimal conditions and prevent costly breakdowns.

Why choose our environmental monitoring solution?

Our environmental monitoring solution offers a multitude of benefits for different industries. Based on innovative technologies, it meets the specific needs of each industry.

5 advantages of using our solution

  • State-of-the-art sensors : Our range of accurate and reliable sensors offers you superior environmental monitoring, meeting your specific needs.

  • Wide selection of sensors : From temperature to air quality, our wide selection of sensors ensure comprehensive coverage of your working environments.

  • Instant Alerts : Our solution configures alerts by SMS, email or voice calls to allow you to react immediately to environmental changes.

  • Real-time analysis : With our sensors, get real-time analysis of environmental conditions to ensure occupant safety and comfort.

  • Easy installation : Our sensors are designed for quick, disruption-free installation, allowing you to start reaping their benefits in no time.