Irrigation de précision pour des substrats de qualité supérieure avec Gaspar
Monitoring soilless raspberry crop health

To monitor and protect the health of your raspberries

Monitoring substrate moisture is essential for soilless raspberry crops as it helps ensure that plants are receiving the amount of water and nutrients needed for healthy growth and optimal fruit production. A substrate that is too dry or too wet can reduce yields and fruit quality, and regular monitoring is therefore necessary to adjust irrigation accordingly. Consult our expertise on automated above-ground raspberry irrigationif you are looking for an effective way to increase the yield and quality of your raspberries.

Continuous and remote monitoring

Monitoring the moisture content of the substrate 24/7 remotely on your phone or computer is essential for above-ground raspberry crops. This allows farmers to monitor their crops in real time, wherever they are, and quickly take action to maintain optimal humidity levels. In addition, remote monitoring helps to minimize costs and optimize time by avoiding unnecessary trips to check crop status. By regularly monitoring the moisture content of the substrate, farmers can maximize the quality and quantity of the harvest while improving their efficiency and profitability.

Surveillance en continu et à distance des framboises par Gaspar
An essential solution to deal with the dangers

10 Benefits That Are Important for Monitoring Soil Moisture Conditions for Soilless Raspberry

  • Maximization of growth and fruit production.

  • Reduced yield losses and improved fruit quality.

  • Optimization of irrigation costs and water resources.

  • Reduced environmental impact through responsible management of water resources.

  • Minimisation des risques de maladies fongiques causées par un sol trop humide.

  • Early detection of irrigation problems for rapid intervention.

  • Improved farm efficiency and profitability.

  • Real-time monitoring of substrate moisture conditions for quick decision making.

  • Reduced costs to monitor crops.

  • Better workforce management through increased automation and monitoring.

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So, as an above-ground raspberry grower, this service is a great way to solve many of your challenges.


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