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Monitoring Strawberry Crop Health

Do you know when it’s time to irrigate your strawberries?

Monitoring soil moisture is very important for the cultivation of wild strawberries and all the more so when this monitoring can be carried out without traveling to the fields. On the other hand, an excess or lack of soil moisture can lead to various problems such as reduced yields, plant stress, disease and even plant death.

Continuous humidity level monitoring

Gaspar offers the NGT series of products to provide continuous monitoring of the soil moisture level at different depths. Growers can check and make sure their crops are getting the optimal amount of water. They can then make the necessary adjustments to irrigation and other water management practices to maintain healthy soil moisture levels.

Suivi de l’humidité des sols pour la fraise des champs par Gaspar

Efficient, reliable, adaptable, intelligent.

8 Benefits of Soil Moisture Monitoring for Strawberry Crops

  • Optimal growth and development: Regular monitoring of soil moisture can help maintain optimal growth and development conditions for strawberry crops.

  • Irrigation management: Tracking soil moisture lets you know when to water plants, avoiding water wastage and overuse of groundwater.

  • Plant Disease Prevention: Adequate moisture levels can help prevent certain plant diseases, such as root rot.

  • Harvest Optimization: Regular monitoring of soil moisture can help plan harvest for optimal strawberry growth.

  • Reduced costs: Regular monitoring of soil moisture can help reduce water management and plant treatment costs, as irrigation and fertilization practices can be adjusted based on actual plant needs .

  • Better Strawberry Quality: Proper moisture levels can help improve the quality and flavor of strawberries.

  • Better yield: Regular monitoring of soil moisture can help increase the yield of strawberry crops.

  • Environmentally friendly: Regular monitoring of soil moisture can help reduce excessive water and chemical use, helping to preserve the environment.

What other strawberry growers have to say about their experience with Gaspar

Customer testimonials

Gabriel Gosselin - Ferme François Gosselin Île d'Orléans

We can open the valves and start the pumps remotely, at any time of the day, without having to travel.
Gabriel Gosselin, Ferme François Gosselin

Francis Blouin - Ferme François Blouin Île d'Orléans

We have optimized our irrigation, we have reduced time and fuel, in addition to being certain that the plant is always at its optimum.
Francis Blouin, Ferme François Blouin

Harold Beaupré - Ferme Jarold, Île d'Orléans

Gaspar’s products help us know when is the best time to irrigate and how much water to irrigate.
Harold Beaupré, Ferme Jarold


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