Comment savoir le moment idéal pour faire vos irrigations avec Gaspar
Monitoring the health of vegetable crops

How do you know the ideal time to do your irrigations?

Knowing when to irrigate vegetable crops is crucial to ensure healthy plant growth and optimal yields. Too much water can drown roots and lead to fungal diseases, while too little can reduce crop growth and quality. By regularly monitoring soil moisture levels with solutions offered by Gaspar, farmers can make informed decisions about irrigation and avoid yield losses.

Continuous humidity level monitoring

Gaspar offers the NGT series of products to provide continuous monitoring of the soil moisture level at different depths. Growers can check and make sure their crops are getting the optimal amount of water.

Moisture sensors inserted at different depths in the ground and Gaspar’s smart irrigation system can help closely monitor soil moisture and automate irrigation for maximum efficiency. By knowing when to irrigate crops, farmers can maximize plant growth, minimize costs and improve farm profitability.

Surveillance en continue du niveau d’humidité grâce aux solutions de Gaspar

Efficient, reliable, adaptable, intelligent.

8 Benefits of Soil Moisture Monitoring for Vegetable Crops

  • Optimum plant growth thanks to precise and efficient irrigation.

  • Maximizing yields through ideal growing conditions.

  • Prevention of fungal diseases caused by too wet soil.

  • Reduced irrigation and operating costs through efficient water use.

  • Improved crop quality through optimal growing conditions.

  • Reduced water consumption through precise irrigation.

  • Save time and labor with automated irrigation and soil moisture monitoring.

  • Reduced environmental impact through more responsible management of water resources.

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