Système d'irrigation par gouttes-a-gouttes pour le arbres fruitiers par Gaspar
Track the health of fruit trees

Orchard irrigation
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It is important to know when to irrigate fruit trees with a soil moisture monitoring system to maximize irrigation efficiency and reduce water loss. Fruit trees have specific water needs throughout their life cycle, and Gaspar’s Soil Moisture Tracking and Automation System for Drip Irrigation helps deliver precise irrigation and effective directly to tree roots.

With Gaspar it is possible to avoid yield losses caused by inadequate irrigation while minimizing irrigation costs and reducing environmental impact.

Continuous monitoring of orchard conditions

By monitoring temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind speed, farmers can make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, frost protection and harvesting. Gaspar’s solution uses state-of-the-art sensors to collect real-time data, which can be viewed online or via a mobile app for easy access. By using this data to optimize fruit tree management, farmers can maximize tree growth, minimize operating costs and improve farm profitability. Our solution is an excellent resource for farmers looking to increase their productivity and efficiency while protecting their crop.

Surveillance en continue des conditions des vergers par Gaspar

Efficient, reliable, adaptable, intelligent.

8 Benefits of Soil Moisture Monitoring for Orchard

  • Precise and efficient irrigation for optimal growth of orchard.

  • Reduction of water losses and irrigation costs.

  • Water savings through precise and measured water use.

  • Reduced environmental impact through responsible management of water resources.

  • Time and labor savings through automation of irrigation.

  • Prevention of fungal diseases caused by too wet soil.

  • Improved crop quality through optimal tree growth.

  • Maximizing yields through ideal growing conditions for apple trees.

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So, as a fruit tree grower, this service is a great way to solve many of your challenges.


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