Suivi du gel des fruits en agriculture par Gaspar
Reliable and affordable solution that can save your crops

Continuous monitoring (24/7) of frost in crops

Our advanced tracking system uses soil temperature sensors to monitor crop temperatures in real time. If temperatures reach a critical threshold, an alert is sent to farmers, who can then take action to protect their crops. This can help prevent frost damage, minimize crop loss and improve crop profitability.

An efficient, reliable solution with a fast ROI

The advantages of following the frost in crops

Here are 5 important advantages for monitoring frost in crops with our solution and avoiding yield losses:


  • Protection of crops from frost damage, which can preserve crop quality

  • Increase yields by minimizing losses caused by adverse environmental conditions

  • Improved cultivation profitability through more efficient management and reduced costs

  • Make informed decisions about watering and crop protection based on current environmental conditions

  • Reduced time and effort required to manually monitor crop temperature, which can free up farmers to focus on other important tasks.


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