Station météorologique dans les cultures de sapin de noël par Gaspar
Follow the health of Christmas trees cultures

To follow and protect the health of your Christmas trees

Gaspar offers a solution to monitor the development of aphids and the environmental conditions for Christmas trees crops. Aphids can cause considerable damage to trees, while extreme weather conditions can reduce the quality of the harvest and yields.

Continuous monitoring of nurseries

The irrigation of Christmas trees nurseries demonstrates its effectiveness to produce a quality tree. Using the Gaspar NGT product series you are sure to continuously monitor the soil humidity at different depth, the soil temperature and the percentage of water droplets present on the branches. Using this data, producers can ensure that their nurseries receive the optimal quantity of water. They can then make the necessary adjustments to irrigation and other water management practices to maintain healthy soil moisture levels.

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An essential solution to deal with the dangers

10 advantages which are important for monitoring the conditions of soil humidity, weather conditions and the development of aphid in Christmas tree crops

  • Prevent damage caused by harmful insects, such as aphids

  • Avoid fungal diseases caused by wet soil or excessive watering

  • Optimize trees growth thanks to an adequate growth environment

  • Ensure constant quality of harvest, which can increase customer satisfaction

  • Reduce labor costs by reducing the need for manual trees treatment

  • Save water by sprinkling the trees precisely and efficiently

  • Improve the conservation time of Christmas trees by maintaining their appearance

  • Increase crop yield by minimizing losses caused by unfavorable environmental conditions

  • Reduce the use of pesticides by adopting an integrated antiparasitic control approach

  • Improve business sustainability by adopting responsible environmental management practices.

Solution of your problems as Christmas tree producer

We are here to help you solve your challenges.

So, as a producer of Christmas trees, this service is a great way to solve several of your challenges.


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