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Stella system integration for irrigation automation.

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Precision irrigation adapted to your type of crop.

Augmenter le rendement et la qualité de vos framboises avec Gaspar
A recommended automation solution

Increase the yield and quality of your raspberries

Several advice clubs and advisors recommend Gaspar’s automated irrigation solution for its efficiency and ease of use. For several years Gaspar has been integrating and supporting producers to produce quality raspberries for consumers.

Precision irrigation for superior substrates

When working with premium substrates, you need to have an automated irrigation system that delivers water efficiently to that substrate to ensure your raspberry roots develop healthily. Thanks to this automated system, irrigations will be given at the right time and with the necessary amount of water.

Irrigation de précision pour des substrats de qualité supérieure avec Gaspar
Efficient, reliable, adaptable, intelligent.

The benefits of automated irrigation for your raspberries.

Here are the many benefits of our automated irrigation system that could help your raspberries grow to their full potential.


  • Irrigate at the right time of day and according to the growth stage of the raspberry bush, as in nurseries.

  • Increase the yield of your raspberry crop and the size of the fruit.

  • Have access to this information about your raspberries remotely on computer and mobile application via GasparConnect.

  • Monitor each irrigated period, quantity and duration of each irrigation 24/7.

  • Help reduce disease.

  • Reduce human error.

The only system that facilitates the work of the raspberry grower

Real-time analysis for better accuracy

As it has done with several raspberry growers, our Stella system can certainly help you better irrigate your crops by taking into consideration different elements:

  • The power of solar radiation

  • The humidity of the substrates in the pots

  • Cloud cover

  • The cycle of sunrise and sunset

  • The percentage of draining by irrigation

  • Reading EC and pH values

What other above ground raspberry growers have to say about their experience with Gaspar

Customer testimonials

Gabriel Gosselin - Ferme François Gosselin Île d'Orléans

The automation of irrigation allows us to free up labor time and keep an eye on the state of the crop.
Gabriel Gosselin, Ferme François Gosselin

Josianne Girard - Ferme Maurice et Philippe Vaillancourt Île d'Orléans

Irrigation is less stressful, the plant is known to get the right amount of water and less fruit deformation.
Josianne Girard, Ferme Maurice et Philippe Vaillancourt

Jean-Julien Plante - Ferme Jean-Pierre Plante Île d'Orléans

We have been working with Gaspar for 4 years and we have made great strides in optimizing our crops.
Jean-Julien Plante, Ferme Jean-Pierre Plante


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